Friday, February 1, 2013

Romantic Hair for February

I love the beautiful yet simple look of this hairstyle.  This was created by a lovely Lilla Rose customer, and here are her instructions:

1.  Follow most of the instructions for the half-up style in this video.  (Skip the teasing part.)

2.  Gather hair into a half-up, leaving out a small section at the front, and secure with a clear elastic (or one close to hair color).

3.  Then take remaining front section to the back and bring it over and wrap back under elastic, making it look like it's folded over and pin in place with a bobby pin.  Stick the pin up from the bottom through the hair and into the elastic.  

4.  Clip the ponytail with a flexi clip.

If these instructions aren't clear, just follow the video and see what you come up with!  I hope to try this style soon.

And here is the beautiful Flexi Clip of the Month for February!  My girls and I thought it was so pretty:

The Flexi of the Month often sells out quickly, and this one is already going fast!  Thankfully, Lilla Rose also sells many other heart-themed clips.  Here are some of them:


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