Modesty is Beautiful

Have you ever had the thought that modest clothing was boring or unattractive?  I think that’s a view that permeates our culture, but I’m so thankful there are modest clothing companies providing clothing that is not only modest but beautiful as well.
Deborah & Co. is one of my favorite modest clothing companies.  They sell lovely skirts:
And comfy and cute maternity skirts:
My favorite items to purchase at Deborah & Co. are the layering tees:
My daughter and I each have several of these, and they are wardrobe staples!  And, I just saw that the half-tees are on sale until tomorrow!  I haven’t tried one of those (the half-tees) yet, but they look very useful.
And now I have my eye on their new Blossom Top, shown below:
Deborah & Co. also sells belts (shown in top two photos), earrings, headbands, custom-made skirts, and skirts and layering tees for little girls.  Teach your daughters that modesty is beautiful!

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  1. Great inspiration! Thank you, Joy!

    Thank you for commenting on my doula blog too! I so appreciate feedback like that– it's great! Please keep it coming! It's so important for us to learn from experience of other women!

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