Getting Ready for Fall

(Image Source:  Zulily)
This morning we were surprised to find that the weather was so cool and reminiscent of fall! Such a welcome change from the heat and humidity we’ve been experiencing.  And even though I know it’s still technically summer, I find myself gearing up for the coming autumn season.
(Image Source:  Zulily)
Right now, Zulily has several fall-themed home decor events going on. Welcome signs, quilted table runners, lots of sunflower and pumpkin items, and I love the rusty-looking water can (pictured above).
(Image Source:  Zulily)
(Image Source:  Zulily)
And I think this little set of pumpkins is so cute!
(Image Source:  Zulily)
And even though I love getting out my fall decor, I probably look forward to getting out my fall clothes even more!  I love the layering possibilities!  I’ve still got awhile before I can wear fall things (it doesn’t really cool down here until late September or October), but it’s still fun to make plans and go through our wardrobes, making sure everyone has what they need for the new season.  
I love my scarves and sweaters…
and especially my boots!  If you’ve been looking for boots like these (which are a staple for me during cooler weather), Zulily has a large selection of them right now.
And is this not the cutest little outfit (and girl!)?!
You can find all of these items at Zulily, which is a daily deals website.  I’ve been very happy with the customer service and every item I’ve ordered from them in the past couple of years.  The sales events only last a couple of days, so check them out if there’s anything you’re interested in!

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