A New Wreath and Fall Decorating

Fall is one of our favorite seasons. We love them all, but there’s something special about fall. We always look forward to fall decorating and cooking. 
I had a Hobby Lobby gift certificate one of my daughters had given me, so I decided to use part of it to buy supplies to make a new fall wreath. We have one for the front door, but I wanted one for inside the house.
Since our living room walls are painted a pale green, I envisioned a wreath made of more neutral colors. I picked out a plain grapevine wreath for a couple dollars, some burlap sunflowers, white pumpkins, twig pumpkins, and a couple of green pumpkins.
I didn’t use any florist’s wire or other tools for this wreath. All I did was decide on the placement for each item and then stick it into the wreath. Super simple!
I started out by deciding where I wanted the burlap sunflowers, since they seemed to be the focal point of the wreath. And then I added everything else in around that. The wreath only took me a few minutes to make, and I really like it!
I’ve had this old window for about 6 years, just sitting in the garage waiting for me to use it. I found it at a flea market for $5, but I never could figure out how to hang it, since it’s pretty heavy. I cleaned it up a bit and propped it up on this dresser in our living room. Since this area gets lots of traffic, I was a bit worried that the window might slide down, so I anchored it in the back with two long nails. My husband was impressed with my idea and how secure it is! 🙂
I added this stack of autumn-hued books to my display, just for fun.
We have a bright and cheerful wreath for the front door that we’ve been using for several years now. A local store has an end-of-year clearance on seasonal items every year, and we picked this up for a couple dollars at that sale. I think the original price tag was something ridiculous (like $40+), so we were so thankful to get it at such a good price!
This wreath in the kitchen was also purchased at the sale I mentioned above, for a couple dollars. Nothing photographs very well in our kitchen, due to the dark walls (still hoping to paint them someday!).
My younger children were so excited about decorating for fall, so I let them decorate part of the living room. They decorated this bookshelf with leaves and these fabric pumpkins we made last year.
We made this felt leaf/bead garland a few years ago. It was a very fun and easy project for my little ones.
This year it’s decorating the schoolroom. I love all the brightly-colored beads. They remind me of candy corn!
My youngest daughter excitedly helped me fill our book basket with fall books. 
This is our calendar from last month. It’s my favorite one. This month we have a pumpkin-themed calendar.
I love having one favorite book displayed on a little easel in the school room. The current book is The Busy Little Squirrel. Such colorful and cheerful illustrations!
Do you decorate for fall at your house? 


  1. Oh I love your wreath. This is a great post. Your home is very festive. I review childrens books. I enjoyed seeing this one. I'd love you to come over and link this post at The Fabulous Fall party.
    It runs all the way to Nov. 1. Then The Thanksgiving Party starts. Come over and share!

  2. Stopping by from Whole Hearted Wednesday! I love the wreath you made, it is beautiful! I will have to make one! We are have a huge Thanksgiving dinner at our home this year, I am looking for ideas! I am so glad I stopped by. Will be back to visit:)

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