Farmhouse Style Organization and Storage Solutions

I love farmhouse style and I love getting things organized. As I’ve been searching for organization solutions for our home, I came across some beautiful farmhouse style organization ideas.

These baskets and bins are great for farmhouse style organization!

What I’ve always loved about farmhouse style is that it incorporates so many natural elements like wood, linen, cotton, jute, stoneware, and metal.

I’m also drawn to the colors that are usually used in traditional farmhouse style: white, gray, brown, beige, blue, and green.

Even though we still use quite a bit of plastic for organizing, I still lean toward baskets, Mason jars, and wooden crates.

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Farmhouse Style Organization

Here are some of my favorite farmhouse-style organization solutions.

Wire Baskets

I love the look of wire baskets for organizing all sorts of things. Here are some adorable wire organizers:

Rustic Chicken Wire Wall Storage

farmhouse style organization

Galvanized Tin Wall Box


Vintage Wall Mount Basket

farmhouse style organization

Gathering Basket 

farmhouse style organizing with baskets

Stackable Metal Storage Bin

Metal Hanging Basket



I’ve been collecting baskets of all shapes and sizes for years.

We use them to organize books, toys, winter-wear, and just about anything! Somehow baskets make everything look better. 🙂

Large Seagrass Basket

seagrass laundry basket

Water Hyacinth Wicker Basket

farmhouse style organizing

Woven Storage Basket


Nesting Baskets


Rectangular Water Hyacinth Storage Baskets

farmhouse baskets

Wood 4 Basket Dresser

This wood dresser with four baskets is absolutely my style, and it has very good ratings.

farmhouse storage furniture


Crates are great for the pantry, closets and décor!

Wood Crates Storage Boxes


White Storage Crates with Chalkboard Side

Rustic Farmhouse 6-Bottle Crate

farmhouse crate organization

Rustic White Storage Crates


Wooden Boxes and Bins

Rustic Wooden Boxes

Metal Nesting Boxes


Metal Trays and Containers

Galvanized Metal Carry-All

farmhouse style organization

Metal 4-Tin Organizer with Handles

farmhouse organizer

Grey White Caddy

Oval Metal Tray with Handles

This metal tray is so farmhouse-perfect!

farmhouse organization

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking through these farmhouse organization ideas! Which one(s) do you like the best?

Perfect farmhouse style storage solutions!




  1. I am swooning! This is so my style and these items are exactly what I am looking for. We will be building a new house soon and I’ll have to be sure to keep this post so I can refer back. Thanks for sharing on the link up.

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