Organize Your Closet {Day 11}

This is the eleventh post in my 31 Days of Living on Less Series. If you’d like to read all the posts in order, go to Day 1.
My closet was a disaster. I had too many things that I didn’t even enjoy wearing, and they were all taking up space in my closet. See what I mean?
As I mentioned yesterday, I think being organized is very key to living on a tight budget. And for me, everything starts in my own bedroom. If that’s a mess, I might as well forget about having an orderly mind. 
When I wake up in an orderly room, grab an outfit from a well-ordered closet, and everything in my space has a place, somehow the whole day just goes better.  I feel more peaceful and better able to handle the stresses of the day.
Simplicity and frugality seem to be inextricably linked. Oh, and I love this little lavender sachet my husband gave me awhile back. My sweaters smell like lavender. 🙂
So, I removed everything from my closet and dramatically pared back. Tomorrow I’ll tell you what I kept and how I’m approaching my wardrobe from now on (and how having a simple wardrobe encourages me to live on less).


  1. And just think of what you're presumably donating – not only will it go "downstream" in the second-hand goods market (thrift stores, rag trade, recycling, overseas sales) – but there are others out there who are trying to dress well on a shoestring, or are just bargain hunting, who will be greatly blessed by finding just the right sweater, or just the right skirt, out of your excess. It sounds trite until you're there, but it's true.

    1. I agree! It doesn't sound at all trite to me, since almost all of our clothing comes from thrift stores or generous friends who cleaned out their own closets and passed it down to us!

  2. Hi Joy! I recently brought the tubs of seasonal things out of the closet. I went through them…what do we wear..what doesn't fit anymore, etc. So much nicer! We removed 3 large bags of things that we donated and looking back, not one piece is missed.
    I am enjoying this series. It is causing me to really think and discern between true need and excess.
    Love to you and the family, Ellen

    1. So nice to hear from you, Ellen! Oh, we're doing that clothing switch thing, too. I just did the boys' closet yesterday. I'm so thankful that the girls now do their own! One less thing for me to do. 🙂

      I'm finding the same thing–when I get rid of unneeded/unwanted clothing, we don't even miss it at all!

      Thanks so much for the positive encouragement about my little series. 🙂 I'm really enjoying reevaluating everything in my life and hopefully moving closer to simplicity.


  3. I'm so glad you posted this! Every time I go in my closet I see so many things I dont like wearing but was always afraid to get rid of. I really needed the encouragement to let go of these items that I dislike. I look forward to hearing about what you are keeping . Not only have I wanted to re organize my clothing but also create a look for myself that I will enjoy wearing.

    1. I'm so glad if it was helpful, Adrienne! I know what you mean about being afraid to get rid of things. I struggle with that, too. But once I let go, it feels so good to be free of excess! And I'm really working on only keeping things I love and that I feel good in.

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