We didn’t really celebrate advent when I was growing up. I don’t think we even knew what it was. It has really only been the last couple of years that we’ve made an effort to include it in our Christmas celebration, and I can only say that I wish we had been doing it all along. We have had so many deep and meaningful meditations on Jesus and what His coming means to us. I have personally grown as a Christian because of advent.
This year we decided to make our own advent wreath. In November I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a wire candle holder/wreath frame, some greenery, berries, and white tapered candles.
I added a black metal pillar candle holder (from the thrift store) for the center candle. It turned out just as I was hoping it would.
Every night during our family Bible/devotional time, we light the candle that goes with that week and then we read the Bible passage and meditation that goes with it. 
Advent for Little Ones
This year I’ve been using Truth in the Tinsel with my younger children, and it has been so much fun and very fruitful.
We read a section from the Bible each day and then make an ornament that reinforces the Scripture passage. Here’s our tiny little tree we keep in our school room:
It’s full of handmade ornaments!
We’ve made a popsicle stick stable, a wooden peg Mary and Joseph…
An angel…
Adorable yarn sheep:
And wooden music notes painted and covered in glitter to represent Mary’s song of adoration. My children have really enjoyed making each ornament.
In addition to Truth in the Tinsel, we’ve also been using this advent calendar, which I love. Every day the younger children beg to be the one to put the new felt figure on!

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