The Cost of Being a Blessing

“We must live purely ourselves if we would be able to bless others. We must resist sin, even to blood, if we would teach others how to be victorious in temptation. 

We must bear trials and endure sorrows with patience, submission, and faith, in order to be victorious, if we would become comforters and helpers of others in their trials. 

You must learn before you can teach, and the learning costs you much. At no small price can we become true helpers of others in this world. 

That which has cost us nothing in the getting will not be any great blessing to any other person. It is only when we lose our life and sacrifice it to God, that we become deeply and truly useful.”  

~J. R. Miller


  1. Thank you for that. It's only when we sacrifice ourselves as He did for us that we truly show that love. For we can not love properly with out sacrifice. I am going to oprint this out.

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