Doing It Yourself

I LOVE all things creative. Whether it’s sewing, quilting, knitting, baking, photography, soap making, or candle making, I just love it! I love starting out with raw materials and ending up with a beautiful finished project that I made myself. And it doesn’t have to be perfect for me to love it! Making things just gives me such a happy feeling.
That’s how I felt when I finished these three matching skirts and a dress for my daughters and I to wear last spring. It took me awhile to get them all done, but I had such a sense of satisfaction after completing them. It’s fun to wear something you made yourself.
Truthfully, I have a long list of creative projects I’d love to do. And some of them I even have all of the supplies just waiting for me to get started! But sometimes I wonder how I can fit in even one more thing in my already very busy days. I guess I’ll just have to fit them in here and there.

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