Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner

A Charlotte Mason homeschool planner to help you plan your homeschool year! This planner is perfect for Charlotte Mason home educators.

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I’ve mentioned before that our family loves the Charlotte Mason method of education. We were first introduced to Charlotte at the very beginning of our homeschooling journey.

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That was over 17 years ago, and we still love Charlotte!

A Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner

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When you’re planning a Charlotte Mason education for your kids a Charlotte Mason inspired planner is so helpful!

I was so thrilled to hear that Lynn Seddon (the creator of the Exploring Nature with Children program) has created a Charlotte Mason homeschool planner!

This is the type of planner  I’ve been looking for, with all the pages you need to plan your homeschool year.

charlotte mason planner

This planner is so beautiful, and perfect for Charlotte Mason homeschoolers!

What’s Included in This Planner

I love so much about this planner. Here’s what’s included

  • Printable Charlotte Mason quote
  • My Bible verse for our homeschool
  • My word for our homeschool
  • Atmosphere of the home
  • My strategies for difficult days
  • Kindness breaks for mothers
  • Big picture goals
  • Subject notes
  • Calendars
  • Monthly calendar pages
  • Seasonal planning pages
  • Term planning pages
  • Monthly planning pages
  • Advent planning pages
  • Weekly planning pages
  • Morning meeting page
  • Review page
  • Attendance record
  • Book list
  • List of supplies
  • Library book tracker
  • Field trip plans
  • Nature walk checklist
  • Daily chores
  • Mother culture
  • Inspirational quotes for our home education journey

There are so many helpful pages included in this planner!

Inside Look at the Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner

I love all the encouragement to get a vision for the atmosphere of your home.

This is one of my favorite pages.

charlotte mason planner

The monthly calendar pages include moon phases and weeks from Exploring Nature with Children. So helpful!

charlotte mason homeschool planner

Then there’s a section for making notes about each subject:

There are several ways to break down your planning, with term planning pages, monthly planning pages, and then weekly plans.

charlotte mason homeschool planner

charlotte mason homeschool planner

charlotte mason homeschool planner

There’s even a place to put your morning time plans!

homeschool planning sheets

And I love the section for planning for mother culture:

mother culture page

Printing Your Homeschool Planner

This planner is a digital product, so it’s very affordable and will be a digital download.

I chose to have my planner printed by Family Nest Printing Co. and they did such an amazing job!

My planner was printed on 28lb paper, coil bound, with a laminated front and back cover.

I just love how it turned out!

homeschool printed planner

This planner would work well printed and put into a three-ring binder, too.

And, you may find that you don’t need all of the pages. With the digital download, you can just choose the pages you’d like to print.

Coupon Code for You

If you’d like to have Family Nest Printing Co. print your planner (or your other digital homeschool curriculum), you can get 15% off your first purchase with code AHprint15.

Where to Get Your Homeschool Planner

If you’d like to get your own Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner and get an instant digital download you can use today, check it out here!

I’m working on filling mine out and getting some planning done this weekend!

charlotte mason homeschool planner

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Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner

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