My Cloth Diaper Stash

In anticipation of our new baby, I decided to take inventory of our diaper supply. It looks pretty impressive all piled up like this, but there are various sizes which will only work for certain ages. I have 3 dozen diaper service quality prefolds (Gerber) that I bought new from a Mennonite lady (for a great discount) 8 years ago. They are still absorbent and in good shape. These are the regular size. I also have 2 dozen newborn size, which are great for a small baby, and then I use them as doublers on a bigger baby. I have 8 cotton flannel diapers, and terry diaper doublers which I use at night, and a basket full of terry cloths (mostly homemade) that I used for wipes.

I have an interesting assortment of diaper covers of varying sizes. I only have a few newborn sizes, as I found out pretty quickly that my babies would never get to wear them! The tiny little covers go up to 10 pounds, and when the baby is born weighing 8 1/2 or 9 pounds, they just aren’t worth the money. Most of the covers I have are Litewraps, which I got a lot of use out of, but I also have some 100% cotton Nikkys and one wool Nikky, and a few Bummis whisper wraps (which I don’t like much). I have three wool soakers, which I love using at night. There are 6 flannel fitted diapers with velcro that I like to use under the soakers.
wool soakers
I also have 4 small Bumkins all-in-ones and 4 medium all-in-ones. I enjoyed using these as they were the easiest to use. All of my diaper supplies were purchased 8 years ago to use on my second baby. They have received quite a bit of use (and paid for themselves already) with several babies, so I’m thinking of adding a few things. If any of you have any favorite diapers or covers or diaper patterns, I’d love to hear about them!


  1. Dear Beth,

    I pray all goes well with your adoption! Thank you so much for your kind comments, and I pray you will be blessed as you give these precious children a home.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. We are currently working on adopting from Africa. We are going to be older parents, having a blended family of 8 children ranging from 28 down to 14. We are not really sure how old our new babies will be. But if he/she/they are really young, I am planning to use cloth diapers. I have purchased Fuzzy Bunz or similar diapers (from ebay!!!) and have used them on our little grandson when we have kept him for a week. I loved them! We are trying to adopt two preschoolers right now that we have recently heard of so most likely, we will only use the diapers at night unless the little guy regresses…which adopted/tramatized children often do. But I am READY!!! I love your site!! Blessings to you and yours!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Beth

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