Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Value of a Day

Dear mother, what you do at home matters. The simple and seemingly mundane tasks are so necessary and beautiful. You are beautiful. Be encouraged today!

This video brought tears to my eyes~it was so sweet. It reminded me of my days as a young mom of one little baby, and I have so many precious memories from that simple and uncomplicated time. (If you're an email subscriber, you may need to click through to the blog to see the video.)

A whole life can be lost in minutes wasted, small moments missed. ~Ann Voskamp

Could I be walking through the years but not even be alive? ~Ann Voskamp

It’s wonderful to dream and plan for the future. It’s good to set goals and work hard toward them. But don’t let that keep you from savoring the here and now.
Today is the only day you are guaranteed. Don’t waste it wishing you could be somewhere or someone else. Soak up the beauty right in front of you and be grateful for the blessings you are already surrounded with.

Even if you never make it to where you want to go, contentment in the here and now will make the journey a sweet and rich experience. For truly, “Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”  ~ Crystal Paine

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  1. Excellent!:)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Christina! :)

  2. Beautiful - so true also. It is hard sometimes to remember that the daily is the important part of our journey and we just need to relax and be in it. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Wow.
    I am now the mother of 10, ages 26 down to 6. But I do remember those first 3 yrs with only one. And now my oldest and his wife have that one. This video reminded me so much of my daughter in love and I shared it with her. What precious years.


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