A Princess Party

I’ve been blessed with a friend who throws the most amazing parties. I’m in awe of her skill, because it’s not a gift I posses. I love going to parties, but planning and executing them just isn’t my thing. But I’m so thankful for Lisa, as she makes life more fun! 
Last weekend Lisa threw a princess party for her daughter, and all of us girls were so excited be invited. It was fun dressing up in special clothes and enjoying the laughter, fun, and the delicious cake Lisa made! I should also mention that Lisa is a homeschool mom of nine children…I kind of think she’s a superwoman! 
I found my dress at a thrift store for $6, and the shrug I wore was also thrifted. I wore a special heart necklace that my children gave me for my birthday this year. It’s a really sparkly necklace, so I was saving it for a special occasion like this one! My oldest girls also wore thrifted formals, and my youngest wore the princess dress I made for her last year (it still fits, but it’s a bit shorter than it was!).
I wore a tiara (which is something I’ve wanted since I was a little girl!), and Elyse wore one of the new Lilla Rose hairbands. They are made in such a way that you can attach several of them to one band, and it gives the hairband a beautiful crown-like effect. One of my favorite Lilla Rose items!
Lisa did an amazing job of decorating our church for the party. I loved this pink tulle canopy:
It really made the dessert table look special.
And here is the beautiful cake she made. It was not only beautiful, but so delicious!
And these tiara/crown cookies were just adorable! Lisa made the tiered dessert stands by gluing thrifted china plates to glass goblets.
There was also a dress-up corner where the girls could try on different princess dresses:
And I loved that Lisa did a quick devotional with the girls about Esther and how inner beauty is what matters most. The girls also did a “snow globe” craft with pink glitter and a crown floating inside.
The younger girls enjoyed playing together while the older girls and moms talked.
After the party was over, each little girl received a thrifted cup and saucer filled with party favor treats. Such a sweet party!


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