Enjoy Today, Mama

Do you ever feel like you’ve given up a lot to become a mother? In the midst of sleepless nights, prayers, tears, and difficulties, it’s easy to forget to be thankful. But, oh, motherhood is such a blessing. Children are eternal souls, and they are so precious! And the time flies so quickly.

Recently, I came across this quote for the second time, and it caused an ache in my heart for a minute when I read it:

“You will never have this day
 with your children again. 
Tomorrow, they’ll be a little older 
than they were today. 
This day is a gift. Breathe and notice. 
Smell and touch them; study their faces
and little feet 
and pay attention. 
Relish the charms of the present. 
Enjoy today, mama. 
It will be over before you know it.” 
~Jen Hatmaker

As my oldest two are now in the teen years, I can vouch for the fact that it goes by so fast. Don’t waste today with harsh words and ungratefulness. 

If you need encouragement, start a blessings journal and spend some time each day writing down things you are thankful for. Even the little things, like a hot shower or a cup of vanilla spice tea, or the laughter of children playing outside. Pretty soon, you’ll begin to see how full your life is of blessings if you will just look for them. Gratitude makes such a difference in your outlook and the quality of your life.

Especially look for things about your children to be thankful for. And then tell them how much you love them!

What’s in our heart will come out in words of praise and affirmation and blessing. When I am regularly writing down blessings, I find that it’s much easier to be positive and encouraging towards my children.

I’m not saying there won’t still be trials. Those will still be there.  But sometimes just having a thankful heart will help you get through the day.

Enjoy today, Mama!


  1. Spot on! I have kept a blessings journal about how God faithfully answer prayer, but I have not specifically jotted things down about the kids. I am going to do that! Perspective is everything.
    Thank you so much for this gentle reminder. 🙂


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