Not What I Had Planned for Today

This is where I’ve been lately—cuddled under this cozy blanket!

I had another post planned for today, but it didn’t happen. School didn’t happen either. I’ve been knocked down by a terrible cold virus the past couple of days. I don’t get sick very often, but when I do, it’s usually pretty miserable. It makes me that much more thankful for the days when I’m well!

Even though I hate being sick, I do love the extra time for rest and reflection that illness sometimes forces us into. I’ve been loving filling out my new planner with birthdays and anniversaries and important dates.
In looking over my goals for this year, I realized that in order to put the most important things—what really matters—first, I’m going to need to be a bit more organized, more time-conscious, and more disciplined.
Putting what matters first is going to require saying no more often. It means saying no to those lesser things that might lure me away from the most important things. 
One of the things I’ve decided to eliminate is my weekly blog link-up. I loved doing it, but I just don’t have time right now to make it happen every week. Thank you so much to everyone who came by to link up regularly—I really appreciate you!
My children asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I told them I could really use some new potholders. It’s a simple thing, but so nice to have fresh ones! They surprised me by finding this kitchen set with one of my favorite quotes on it—and they found it at The Dollar Store! I love it.
And, a very sweet blog reader brightened my day by sending me a lovely handmade card and a beautiful crocheted snowflake—all the way from Italy! Thank you, dear friend! In this age of everything-digital, sometimes it’s so nice just to receive something pretty in the mail.
Another thing I’ve been enjoying is going through the Make Over Your Mornings course. I love how short each lesson is—it’s very doable for a busy mom! I hope to share a bit about how I’m implementing this course soon.
Happy Monday!
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  1. Oh so sorry you've been sick!! How neat about the potholders – I'm sure they were so excited to find those for you. I can imagine their smiles of joy! How neat to receive a snowflake from Italy!!❄️❄️

  2. Seems like this has been a rough year for sickness. Hope you feel better soon.
    It's so true to be more productive sometimes you have to say No.
    Love the pot holders, so sweet and even more special that they came from your kiddos. Feel better!

  3. Dear Joy,
    So sorry to hear that you are under the weather. I hope you are feeling your best soon.
    LOVE your pot holders. (Especially found at the $ Store!) 🙂

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