28 Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas

28 farmhouse Christmas décor ideas to help you decorate your home! This list includes lots of farmhouse style Christmas décor to inspire you.

Farmhouse Christmas Décor Ideas

I’ve mentioned before that I love farmhouse style. If you’re also a farmhouse fanatic, you’ll love this post!

It includes handmade farmhouse signs, grain sack pillows, Christmas stockings, and more!

I’ve included links to each of the farmhouse Christmas décor ideas mentioned below, so  you can easily find them online.

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Farmhouse Christmas Wreaths

Since the Christmas decor usually starts at the front door, I thought I’d start with wreaths. There are so many beautiful farmhouse style Christmas wreaths to choose from!

This first modern farmhouse Christmas wreath is one of my favorites. I love the addition of the gold bells!

farmhouse christmas wreath


You can’t go wrong with a classic preserved boxwood wreath. These are classic farmhouse.

They’re great for Christmas and beyond. They’ll work well for any season, so you get more for your money.


This farmhouse Christmas buffalo check wreath is another favorite. It looks so festive!

farmhouse christmas wreath

This lamb’s ear berry wreath comes in several sizes and with or without bells.

farmhouse lambs ear berry wreath


Here’s another farmhouse wreath in traditional classic green with red ribbon and pinecones:

traditional christmas wreath


This gorgeous wreath with a plaid bow and poinsettias is farmhouse perfection!

farmhouse christmas wreath


Farmhouse Christmas Garlands

Next, we come to greenery for inside the house. This can include wreaths and garlands.

Farmhouse style garlands look so beautiful draped over a mantel or wrapped around the banister.

You can buy garlands made of real or faux greenery. The real ones are my favorite, but they’re not as affordable as an artificial one that can be used year after year.

I love this farmhouse buffalo plaid Christmas garland:

farmhouse christmas garland

Here’s a simpler pine and berries garland with good reviews:

farmhouse christmas garland

And a similar minimalist pine garland that works well for a simple, modern farmhouse look:

farmhouse christmas garland

Another idea is to use greenery from your property or in your backyard. We have several evergreens at the edge of our property, in addition to some holly bushes. I’ve used both before for a natural touch of greenery around the house.

Farmhouse Christmas Pillow Covers

Farmhouse style Christmas pillow covers are one of my favorite ways to change the look of a room!

You don’t have to go out and buy all-new pillows! Just get some new pillow covers and switch them out for the season.

This is a much more economical way to have seasonal decor and get a farmhouse style Christmas look without a lot of effort or money.

I love these classic red and white buffalo check pillow covers:

farmhouse christmas pillow covers

These pillow covers feature farmhouse designs:

farmhouse christmas pillow covers

These would also be cute in a farmhouse style living room:

farmhouse christmas pillow covers

Farmhouse Christmas Stockings

There are so many different options for farmhouse style Christmas stockings. You could choose stockings made out of burlap, grain sack fabric, or even sweater knit, depending on the look you want.

I love the look of these cream knit Christmas stockings, and they’re an affordable price:

white knit stockings

These farmhouse plaid Christmas stockings are personalized, and so cute!

farmhouse christmas stockings

These burlap Christmas stockings are also personalized:

farmhouse christmas stockings

And how cute are these Rae Dunn inspired Christmas stockings!

farmhouse christmas stockings

Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

Farmhouse style Christmas ornaments are one of my favorite things. You can buy these, and I have links for the ones pictured below.

But you can also make your own farmhouse style Christmas ornaments. You’ll often save money and also get the satisfaction of making something by hand. Handmade ornaments are my favorite!

If you’d like to try making your own farmhouse style Christmas ornaments, check out this tutorial for grain sack Christmas ornaments.

Grain Sack Christmas Ornaments

And be sure to check out these rustic wood slice Christmas ornaments. These are so easy and cute!

wood slice christmas ornaments

Rustic Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments Video

If you’re wanting to make your own DIY ornaments, check out the video below to see how easy they are!

Here are some beautiful ready-made farmhouse Christmas ornaments.

These Rae Dunn-inspired Christmas ornaments are the cutest!

rae dunn inspired christmas ornaments

This home sweet home ornament has a rustic farmhouse look:

home sweet home farmhouse ornament

And these Mason jar lid ornaments are so unique:

farmhouse mason jar lid christmas ornaments

Farmhouse Christmas Tree Skirts

This year I skipped the Christmas tree skirt and put our tree inside an old galvanized metal bucket. I love the rustic farmhouse Christmas look!

You can find something similar here.

Here’s a galvanized metal one:

christmas tree collar

I also love the look of this white one:

christmas tree collar

But I also love a good farmhouse style Christmas tree skirt. Here are some cute ones to consider.

This first one is an adorable ruffled burlap Christmas tree skirt:

farmhouse style christmas tree skirt

Next, here’s a burlap tree skirt with white snowflakes (and great reviews on Amazon):

farmhouse style christmas tree skirt

If you’re looking for something personalized, try this one:

farmhouse style christmas tree skirt

Farmhouse Christmas Signs

If you’re looking for farmhouse Christmas signs, here are a few of the nicest ones I’ve seen!

This first one is a Christmas tree farm sign. I love the rustic farmhouse style of this sign.

farmhouse christmas sign

You can also find the words to your favorite Christmas songs in sign form, like this beautiful O Holy Night sign:

farmhouse christmas sign

Or, if you want the sheet music version of your favorite Christmas hymns, you can often find those, too. Like this Silent Night sheet music sign:

farmhouse christmas sign

And I just love this black and white reindeer sleigh rides sign:

farmhouse christmas sign

I hope these farmhouse Christmas decor ideas were inspiring and helpful to you! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas


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