Home Planner for 2024 by Passionate Penny Pincher

I finally found the best home planner for 2024!

The Home Planner from Passionate Penny Pincher is exactly what I always wanted in a planner!

One of my friends recommended this life planner to me a couple of years ago.

When I saw all the checklists this planner includes, I knew I wanted to try it.

passionate penny pincher home planner

The new planner covers for 2024 are so beautiful.

This is the planner I’ve used for the past two years, and I love it so much.

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home planner

My 2024 home planner came in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and it’s more beautiful than ever!

The photos below of the pink planner with the colorful tabs are last year’s planner.

The white one with the sweet floral design is this year’s planner.

This pink leaf cover is the planner for 2024.

passionate penny pincher home planner 2024

Passionate Penny Pincher Home Planner

If you’ve seen some of my other planner posts from previous years, you know that I love paper planners.

My husband prefers to plan digitally, so I know that paper planners don’t work for everyone. And some people prefer to blend the two.

home planner

But if you prefer to plan on paper, especially if you’re a homemaker, you definitely need to check out this planner!

(And, there’s also a digital and PDF version of this planner if you prefer that!)

home planner for 2023

I’ve used and recommended another planner for several years now (and I’ll continue to recommend it—it’s a great planner too, with the benefit of being able to start it even in the middle of the year).

But there are certain features that the other one was missing that are super helpful for those trying to manage their home and keep up with their homemaking.

Home Planner Features

The primary feature of the Passionate Penny Pincher Home Planner (that I haven’t seen in other planners) is all the helpful checklists.

home planner budget checklist

This is something I’ve never seen before, and I think it’s genius!

planner stickers

Here’s a rundown of the main home planner features:

  • 2 sheets of stickers
  • Ruler placeholder
  • Monthly calendar
  • Weekly checklists
  • Daily checklists
  • Personal and family pages
  • Goals page
  • Seasonal checklists
  • Notes pages
  • Budgeting pages
  • Bible verses on the monthly tab pages
  • Bible reading plan included
  • Space for meal plan on daily sheets

home planner

One of my favorite features of the planner is the Bible verses on the monthly tabs. Love this so much!

Helpful Weekly Checklists

What really sold me on this home planner? All of the amazingly helpful checklists!

home planner pages

The weekly checklists are the most amazing. There are little checkboxes at the start of each week (pictured above) to help you stay on track with all of those daily chores that keep your home cleaner.

And each week also includes a weekly project that changes every week to help you easily organize your home throughout the year.

home planner checklist page

The checklists are so helpful to busy homemakers needing an efficient way to plan their day. These checklists give you cleaning and home maintenance direction without needing a separate system. It’s all right there in the planner.

Now, I do understand that not every checklist will work for every homemaker. So some people may not like having chores and cleaning jobs pre-planned this way.

But I think it’s wonderful! This planner is going to be especially helpful for both full-time homemakers and overwhelmed work-outside-the home homemakers who don’t have time to come up with their own plan.

You may not be able to get to every task every day, and that’s okay! The checklists are there to help you. If you don’t get all the boxes checked off, it’s not a problem.


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More Checklists to Keep You Organized

In addition to the weekly home management checklists, there are also several seasonal checklists to help you stay organized through the year.

spring cleaning checklist page

Here are the seasonal checklists included in the home planner:

  • Spring cleaning checklist
  • Yard and home maintenance checklist
  • Company is Coming checklist
  • Christmas checklist
  • Vacation checklist

There’s also a monthly checklist that you can fill out yourself to help you get to those routine monthly projects like planning date nights, scheduling appointments, and sending birthday cards.

Use this Checklist to keep track of whatever would be most helpful for you to track.

monthly checklist page

I love that there are also budgeting and bill payment checklists to help keep your finances in order.

christmas checklist planner pages

New Features in the 2024 Home Planner

As I mentioned above, this is the home planner I’ve used the past two years, and I’m already looking forward to using it again this year!

passionate penny pincher planner and stickers

The checklists and planning pages seem almost identical to previous years.

But there are four new covers to choose from!

2023 home planner

Also, the new planners feature a sturdier, improved gold coil binding.

The monthly divider pages also include removable Bible verse pages that can be taken out and framed or displayed however you wish (if desired).

2023 home planner

And there are new stickers in the sticker book:

passionate penny pincher planner stickers

This year I also have the accessory pack, which includes sticky notes, snap-in dry erase checklists, and snap-in pocket pages.

passionate penny pincher home planner accessory pack

Pictured below is the 2023 Passionate Penny Pincher home planner, the sticker book, and their blank journal which can be used for so many things.

passionate penny pincher home planner

Home Planner Review

I honestly think this is the best home planner I’ve ever used, and I can’t wait to use it again in the new year! I love all the helpful checklists, the weekly home project suggestions, and the Bible verses on the monthly tabs.

home planner passionate penny pincher

So much to love in this planner.


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Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. While I don’t use a specific “planner book”, I do write myself a list for things that I need to do and also want to do. I have a generic notebook that I generally leave in my sewing room (where I spend alot of my time). It truly helps me stay organized. I also have another one that’s my designated meal planner. I found that if I know what I’m making for the entire week, it makes my life so much easier. I love to cook so this is also the place where I can make notations about likes and dislikes. Your planner is just so nice though…I think I’d spend way too much time just doing stuff with it! Happy early Thanksgiving – and yes, I’m already starting to plan my dinner for the holiday. Guess I’m boring but so organized, right?

    1. Thanks so much for sharing! It sounds like you have a great system! Being organized is smart—definitely not boring!

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