Knitting and Reading {Bunnies!}

Do you remember a year ago when I mentioned this little knitting project? Yeah, I figured you probably didn’t. A year is a long time ago. I had forgotten about it myself! I actually finished these little guys way back then and forgot about them.
When I found them in my closet and brought them out last week, Ezra was so thrilled with them! He said, “What are these for?” 
I said, “They’re for you. Do you like them? They’re called ‘bunny nuggets.'” 
He laughed at the name and answered, “Really?! You made them just for me? Oh, I love them!”
He spent a long time playing with them, and then he told me, “Hey, Mom, you should make more of these little nugget-things. They’re so cute!” He even sleeps with them at night.
I originally planned to make them as part of his Before Five in a Row unit studies. There are so many bunny books in Before Five in a Row, and these would be a fun go-along for any or all of them. I got the idea to make these from Michelle at Delightful Learning. She always inspires me!
My sweet mom gave me all the yarn to make these. I only had to buy the little eyes at a local craft store. I still have lots of yarn left, so maybe I will make some more! It’s hard to resist when my kids actually request a handmade item! You can find out more on my Ravelry page
So, while it’s bunny books for my youngest, I’ve got several books going for myself. 
I think I’ve mentioned that I love making soap. Last year I was able to make all of our family’s soap, and I also gave some away as gifts.
It’s about time to stock up on soap again (I try to make it all at once, to last for the whole year). I’ve been enjoying looking through Jan Berry’s book, Natural Soap Making. Even though I already know how to make soap, I like getting new ideas for scents and colorings, and I’m always looking for ways to improve the skills I already have. 

What have you been creating or reading lately?


  1. Those bunny nuggets are delightful! Thank you also for the soap making inspiration… That is something I really want to do but am intimidated by. Thank you for sharing your lovely homemaking with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays Joy! 🙂

  2. I would love to try out soap-making! The whole "lye" thing makes me a bit nervous though. The bunnies are so cute. What a nice little gift for your little one.

    1. I know what you mean about the lye–I'm scared of it every time I do it! I think it's so much fun that I continue making it, despite the fear of the lye. 🙂 And thanks about the bunnies!

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