Planning a Family Camping Trip?

We’ve been planning our upcoming family camping trip, and everyone is so excited!  One of the main planning helps I’ve been using is The Family Camping Handbook.  This eBook is so helpful in organizing what you need to take, and it also contains some wonderful recipes!
We’re planning to eat our usual outdoors-fare, such as hot dogs and s’mores (just because we love those!), but I’m also excited to be trying out some of the real-food options in The Family Camping Handbook.
I even decided to get a pair of pie irons for making the hobo pies Katie tells you how to make in the book.  If you’ve never been camping as a family before, check out The Family Camping Handbook.  When I first saw the book a couple of years ago, I couldn’t wait to get it, and now I’m so glad I did!
Here’s a description of what you’ll find inside:

“If you’ve always wanted to try camping as a frugal family vacation but are nervous because you have little ones, whether they’re babies, toddlers, or preschoolers, the newly UPDATED second edition of The Family Camping Handbook will show you how to survive and even thrive out in the woods with young children.  You can bring your babes and your real food, too!”

Seriously, I love this book, and if you’re interested in camping with little ones, you might love it too!

Disclosure:  I’ve been a big fan of Kitchen Stewardship’s eBooks for quite a while now, so I decided to become an affiliate.  This post contains my affiliate links.  

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