Take This Survey and Enter to Win One of Three i-Pad Minis

Have you heard about this survey yet?  It’s being conducted by Generations with Vision, and it’s open to those who are 18-38, who were raised in a Christian home.
I took the survey myself, and thought it was very interesting.  The questions are regarding your own upbringing as a child, as well as the choices you are making as you raise your own family (if you have one yet).  It’s completely anonymous.

The goal behind the survey results is to help parents make more informed decisions in the spiritual guidance and education of their children.  

If you take the survey, you will be entered to win one of three i-Pad Minis.  Go here to take the survey!


  1. Thanks for posting this. I filled out the entire thing and enjoyed the process. I learned more about me and how I want to raise my kids differently than my parents raised me. For Christ!

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