Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas for Spring

Farmhouse bedroom ideas for spring that are great for those on a tight budget. Here’s our farmhouse style master bedroom tour for spring!

Come tour our master bedroom that’s decorated with linen, ticking stripes, and ironstone!

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farmhouse bedroom ideas for spring

Farmhouse Bedroom Tour for Spring

All through the long, cold winter, I looked forward to spring. I longed for sunshine and green grass and flowers.

When spring finally came, I couldn’t wait to put winter décor behind us and decorate everything in a lighter, more cheerful way.

One of the first things I did after spring arrived was to buy some zinnias at a local greenhouse.

It was only a few dollars for a flat of six plants, and I’m so glad I made that small investment.

I waited a bit too long to cut these zinnias, but there are lots more on the plants that are just about to bloom!

When I think of spring and summer décor, I often think of blue and white. I switched out our checked duvet cover for this white linen one and added a handmade ticking stripe pillow.

Blue ticking stripes are a favorite, and they’re so summery. Actually, I like them any time of year, but especially in the spring and summer.

This is just a simple pillow cover that I made. I love that it can be switched out to change with the seasons or whenever I want a different look.

farmhouse bedroom ideas for spring

I use my white Pottery Barn quilt year-round, as it’s the perfect weight for warmer spring days.

You can see that my zinnias are past their prime. These are already going to seed.

Next time I won’t wait so long to cut them! But I still love the bright and cheerful colors.

I found this adorable white ironstone creamer at a thrift store years ago, and it was one of the best purchases ever.

farmhouse bedroom ideas for spring

On the other side of the room, you can see my antique dresser that I found at a yard sale almost 30 years ago! It’s hard to believe it’s been in my bedroom all these years.

I love the stain on the wood. I found the pitcher at a flea market, and the French market basket was a birthday gift from my mom.

farmhouse bedroom ideas for spring

Handmade Décor

My mother-in law gave me this little wooden chair from her collection, which I repainted with Fusion Mineral Paint.

I recovered the seat with Magnolia Home Fashions Hamilton fabric.

This chair was fun to make over, and you can see the details from that project here.

I also made the little pillow on the chair, using more ticking stripe fabric and some coordinating grain sack fabric.

Since I’m on the subject of pillows, I thought I would mention that I’m now only able to sleep on this organic buckwheat hull pillow.

If you’ve been following me via email or Instagram, you might have seen that I’ve been having some health problems since December.

I may write more about this in a separate post, but sleeping on this pillow has really helped me!

It’s kind of strange to sleep on buckwheat hulls, but they can be really beneficial if you suffer from migraines or neck problems.

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas for Spring

If you’re like me, and you don’t have a large decorating budget, here are some simple ideas for adding a touch of spring to your home!

  • Add flowers. It doesn’t matter if they’re real or fake (you can find some surprisingly real-looking ones these days!). I often just use whatever we have growing in our yard, whether it’s lilacs or apple blossom branches.
  • Change out your bedding to lighter, more springy fabrics and colors. I love linen for spring and summer. White and blue are my colors of choice for this season.
  • Use baskets and straw hats and bags as decor.

Here’s a bouquet of lilacs from our lilac bushes earlier this spring.

They cost me nothing and were so beautiful in our bedroom in a pitcher like this one!

farmhouse bedroom ideas for spring

Farmhouse Bedroom Sources

Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Sugar Cookie

Quilt (I found mine on eBay)

Bedside Lamps (Dollar Store)

Ikea Curtains (more information in this post!)

Sachi Organic Buckwheat Hull Pillow

French Market Basket

Farmhouse Ceramic Pitcher

More Farmhouse Decorating Inspiration:

Thanks for coming along for my spring farmhouse bedroom tour!

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Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas for Spring


  1. Your bedroom looks so pretty and relaxing.
    Happy spring,
    Ps. share this post over at my site at the You’re the Star blog hop

  2. I have back and neck issues so maybe I should try those pillows! I love this room so much with all the white against the dark furniture. The white bedding is so perfect for summer. I featured you this week at Best of the Weekend! Thanks for joining us. I will be pinning and sharing on my Instagram stories this weekend. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Mine has really helped with my neck issues! It did take some getting used to, but it’s currently the only pillow I can sleep on and not wake up in pain. Thanks so much for the feature, Shelley!

  3. I love the flowers!

    You got me curious about the buckwheat hull pillows. I’d never heard of those, but I suffer from migraines, and didn’t know that your pillow contents could help!?


    Blessings, Laurie
    Thanks for sharing on the Homestead Blog Hop!

    1. Thank you, Laurie! The buckwheat hull pillow has really helped with my neck issues because it conforms to the shape of your neck. My mom used to suffer from migraines, and she was the first one to introduce them to me. It’s not the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever slept on, but it’s currently the only one I can sleep on without pain. So, until my neck is fully healed, I’m happy to continue using it. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. We have very similar styles! I love whites and blues (year round even) and antique furniture your room looks so pretty!

  5. I have a buckwheat pillow and I love it, but I’m running into a strange problem with it. It only lies flat, so trying to make a bed look neat with it is almost impossible. How do you arrange it so it looks nice.

    1. I usually just put the fluffier pillows on top of it to cover it up. In the photos above, my buckwheat pillow is just hiding under the big stack of pillows. 🙂

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