Create a Morning Routine for Homemakers

Learn how to create a morning routine for homemakers that will jumpstart your whole day! Whether you’re a full-time homemaker or you need to fit your homemaking in around an outside job, a morning routine will help you get more done.

Not only does a morning routine increase productivity, but it also brings more peace to your day. When you wake up every day knowing the steps you’re going to take, so much decision fatigue is removed.

Since implementing a morning routine years ago, I’ve found that it makes my whole day run more smoothly when I’m able to follow my daily routine.

morning routine for homemakers

What is a Morning Routine?

A morning routine is simply a pre-established plan for what you will do each morning.

Each step has been carefully pre-planned to make the most of the morning hours. Then, when you wake up in the morning, all you have to do is follow your morning routine.

This immediately gets the day off to a more intentional start.

A morning routine often includes the following:

  • Devotion/prayer time
  • Exercise
  • Making the bed
  • Tidying up the bedroom
  • Starting laundry
  • A few simple chores
  • Checking your calendar or planner
  • Breakfast

But it can include anything that you need or want to do each morning.

How Do Homemakers Schedule the Day?

Each homemaker’s schedule is going to look a little bit different, since we all have different life circumstances.

For example, a homemaker who is home all day with small children will have a different schedule than a homemaker who leaves the house in the morning to go to a job.

When I was a single homemaker, with no husband or children, this is what my morning routine looked like:

  • 5:30 Wake up
  • Shower/dress
  • Make bed and straighten bedroom
  • Read Bible/pray/meditate
  • Personal reading
  • Breakfast
  • Do breakfast dishes
  • Tidy kitchen
  • Leave for work

I could have also traded out the personal reading for exercise, but the time spent reading was most important to me at that stage in life.

Several years later, as a stay-at-home homemaker, my morning routine looked quite a bit different with childcare, and later homeschooling.

As a homeschooling homemaker with several young children, my morning routine looked more like this:

  • 6:30 wake up and nurse the baby
  • Get kids dressed
  • Make breakfast
  • Read a few Bible verses (or a chapter) aloud to kids while eating breakfast
  • Put dinner in crock-pot (if I was really prepared!)
  • Clean up kitchen
  • Start a load of laundry
  • Morning Time with kids
  • Put baby down for a nap
  • Start homeschool time

Despite the differences in each homemaker’s life, there are some things that are going to be similar. For instance, we all need to make time in our homemaking routine for taking care of our family, our health, and our home.

A morning routine helps you make sure you’re taking care of each one of those priorities.

bed with cotton sheets in the morning

My Personal Morning Routine

Even though we’re all going to have different morning routine needs, as mentioned above, sometimes it’s helpful to see an example.

This is my real life example of a morning routine for homemakers.

These are the actual steps I take each morning to get my day started in a more intentional way.

  • Make bed
  • Drink lemon water and make tea
  • Read Bible and pray
  • Breakfast
  • Put on workout clothes
  • Walk
  • Exercise and stretch while listening to audio Bible
  • Quick clean bathroom (wipe down counter, sink, and swish toilet)
  • Quick shower/dress
  • Check calendar and to-do list
  • Start laundry
  • Check dinner plan
  • Start homeschool day

Notes About My Morning Schedule

Here are a few notes about my morning routine.

1. First, most days don’t go perfectly. There are often interruptions (late nights, unexpected guests, and health issues, for instance).

However, just having a morning routine in place gives me peace even if I can’t follow it perfectly every single day of the year.

When I wake up, I have a plan and that gives me peace.

2. I am a work-at-home homemaker, with the power to set my own daily routine. This makes a huge difference in my life!

3. My kids are older. I currently have three adult children and two teenagers (with four living at home). Life has changed a lot now that they’re older.

4. My full morning routine takes about three hours. Because I have older children and can set my own work hours, I have the freedom for a long routine.

If I didn’t have three hours available in the morning, I would move the exercise time to later in the day (early afternoon).  But I do love being able to exercise in the morning, as I often lose energy as the day goes on.

5. My kids do the breakfast dishes. It’s mostly just emptying the dishwasher and then loading the breakfast dishes into the dishwasher. My kids are older, and they’re able to handle this.

6. Yes, I make my bed as soon as I get up. I’ve read all the pros and cons regarding bed-making and airing the bed before making it, etc.

And the bottom line is that I love getting the bed made up just as soon as I’m out of it—otherwise it’s not likely to happen (and, it only takes two minutes!). This is just personal preference. Do what makes the most sense for you.

morning routine for homemakers

Create Your Own Morning Routine (for Homemakers)

Now, let’s talk about how to create a morning routine for homemakers regardless of your current life circumstances and life season.

Creating your own morning routine will take careful thought. You want to make sure to include what is important to you.

First, ask yourself what a successful morning would look like. What would you like to get done before you have to leave the house or start the other activities of the day?

Next, ask yourself how much time you have available to devote to your morning routine. Even if you only have thirty minutes to an hour, a morning routine is still life-changing!

Then, figure out how long each one of your morning routine tasks will take. When creating my routine, I use a timer to gauge exactly how much time is needed.

For example, I timed how long it took to make the bed, and it was just two minutes! That’s a good use of two minutes, when I think about how much joy the finished result brings.

And finally, put all of these morning tasks down on paper. You can use any piece of paper. Even a sticky note will do (but there’s a printable form you can download later in the post)!

And be sure to put your printed morning routine in a visible place where you’ll be sure to see it every day!

making the bed

How to Implement Your Morning Routine

Making a new routine is fun! But it’s only truly useful if you can actually make yourself follow it!

Think of it this way—a morning routine is a set of daily habits that will make your life so much simpler and more productive.

But you have to learn the habits first! It will take daily repetition in the beginning.

When first learning how to follow your new plan, you may need to remind yourself regularly of what to do next.

That’s why it’s helpful to post your printed morning routine somewhere you can see it often. Beside the bathroom mirror is a good place.

The refrigerator is another great place to put it. And don’t forget to add it to your homemaking binder!

If you’re more of a digital planner, you can also put your new routine in whatever device you find most helpful.

You can also set up reminders on your phone or smart watch. I’m almost entirely a paper planner, so I do most of my planning on paper, but I do set phone reminders for some things. My problem is that I forget to keep my phone nearby, which makes the reminders pointless!

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Grab Your Morning Routine for Homemakers Printables

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