33 Stay-at-Home Winter Date Night Ideas

Sometimes you just feel like staying at home on date night. It could be because your children are young or maybe the weather is bad.

Whatever the reason, these 33 creative and cozy at home winter date night ideas will inspire you!

33 at-home cozy winter date night ideas!

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At Home Winter Date Night Ideas

1. Have a candlelight dinner in your bedroom

2. Play a board game (some of our favorites are Scrabble, Ticket to Ride, Jenga, and Boggle)

Be sure to check out this list of the Best Two-Player Board Games for Couples)

3. Watch a movie

4. Give each other massages (this is my all-time favorite massager but something like this would work as well)

5. Dress up and have a photo shoot

6. Have a trivia night (this is a fun trivia game)

7. Make dessert together (these pretzel treats are fun!)

8. Have an indoor picnic with simple but delicious food

9. Enjoy a fondue night

10. Plan your next vacation

11. Look at your wedding photos

12. Read aloud to each other

13. Do a puzzle

14. Have a chocolate tasting 

15. Create a bucket list

at home winter date night ideas

16. Do some goal planning together

17. Q&A Night: Come up with a list of questions to ask each other. Type them up, print them off, and each of you come to the date with your completed list. Share your answers over dinner.

18. Turn the heat up and enjoy some homemade ice cream. Here’s my favorite vanilla ice cream recipe. (Here’s our favorite ice cream maker.)

If you live in an area with snow, try making snow ice cream.

19. Play the Getting to Know You Matching Game

20. Watch your wedding video

21. Read old love notes/cards you’ve given each other

22. Order take-out and eat it by candlelight at home

23. Learn how to dance by watching instructional videos on YouTube

24. Watch a documentary

25. Take a personality test (we recently did this one)

26. Write out your love story together

27. Create an at-home spa night

28. Make a fire in the fireplace or backyard and make s’mores

29. Bake cookies

30. Watch a concert on YouTube

31. Do a crossword puzzle together

32. Have an art night and draw or paint together

33. Movie theme night (food and clothing matches the movie you watch)

Share Your Ideas!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list!

What ideas would you add to this list? Share them in the comments below!

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At Home Winter Date Night Ideas

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  1. Here are some other ideas to add: Wash cars, diy daiquiri’s, make jack o lanterns, work on family trees, build a snowman, watch sunset or stars,play wii against each other, make a date wheel, catch fire flies or do a Bible study together.

  2. Very cute ideas! I think we do a lot of these without calling them “dates”. One thing we want to do more of is have designated date nights throughout the year, even if they are just at home after the kids go to bed.
    Katelynn, hampersandhiccups.com

  3. These are all such wonderful ideas! I’ve always wanted to try a carpet picnic in front of the fire. Pinned.

    1. Thank you! The picnic in front of the fire is so romantic! We don’t have a fireplace at home, but we did this at a weekend getaway we took once, and we loved it. 🙂

  4. These all sounds like great ideas for a stay at home date night! We don’t go out very often so some of these may be fun to try! Thanks for sharing. I’m visiting from the Wise Woman link-up.

  5. These are exactly the type of ideas that me and my husband need! We rarely get to go out on dates as all three of our children have disabilities so we are unable to hire a babysitter. As a military family we have to wait for when family visits to get a much needed break! We have been feeling the strain lately, so will definitely pin these ideas to start straight away! Thanks x

  6. Oh, I’ve been looking for a post like this for such a looong time. I’ve been running out of date night ideas, let alone during the winter. And for once, a list on the internet that is full of perfectly doable things! Thank you Joy, all the best 🙂

    1. Haha! Yes, putting the kids to bed first might be a good idea! 🙂 Thanks so much for hosting the link-up, Kendra!

  7. I love these ideas! Pinning this to keep going back to. Thanks for sharing on the homestead blog hop. I hope we see you again this Wednesday.

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