Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels Recipe

chocolate dipped pretzels

One of our Christmas traditions is making chocolate-dipped pretzels. I love this project because it’s practically fail-proof and it’s so easy!

This is a fun family project that kids really enjoy.

If you have little ones, you’ll need to be careful around the hot chocolate. But they’ll definitely having so much fun being creative and adding sprinkles to the dipped pretzels!

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Normally I don’t use Ghirardelli chocolate for this. But these white chocolate wafers were left over from my daughter’s 16th birthday party this summer, so we decided to go ahead and use them this time.
These white chocolate wafers would work really well for this recipe.
We also made some dark chocolate pretzels, but I didn’t get a picture of those.
Both the white chocolate and the dark are so delicious!
All you do is melt the chocolate in a pan or melting pot and then dip the pretzel rods in it. (Be careful as the melted chocolate can get pretty hot!)
We then put the dipped pretzels on cookie sheets lined with waxed paper (parchment paper also works) to dry.
There are so many fun sprinkles from which to choose! You can even get sprinkles with natural colors if you’re trying to avoid artificial colors.
Just be sure to add the sprinkles before the chocolate fully dries.
This is a super easy recipe, and even young children can help with this!
Supplies Needed for This Recipe:
chocolate dipped pretzels
We were out of town all day today visiting family, and I’ve got a busy week full of baking, crafting, and family activities coming up.
The atmosphere is one of anticipation and excitement!

I hope you enjoy making these fun dipped pretzels!



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