Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time for some fun and easy Christmas crafts for kids! Best of all, many of these crafts are budget-friendly and cost just a few dollars to make!

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Kids love Christmas. The colorful lights, the festive music, the tasty cookies and treats. Many children look forward to Christmas as their favorite time of the year.

But sometimes it’s hard for kids to be patient as they look forward to opening presents on Christmas Day. To help kids have fun during the lead up to Christmas, it’s a great idea to have creative holiday activities to occupy your little ones.

Take a look through this list of easy Christmas crafts for kids and you’re sure to find something just right for inspiring holiday cheer!

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Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

styrofoam snowman craft ornament

Styrofoam Snowman Ornament Craft

Isn’t this Styrofoam snowman ornament so cute? It just takes a few simple supplies. Kids love making their own homemade Christmas ornaments that they can hang on their tree. This would also be a perfect gift for a child to make and share with a friend or grandparent.

candy cane bead christmas ornament

Candy Cane Bead Christmas Ornament

This super easy Christmas kids’ craft project only requires a few simple items! This is ideal for younger children as it is so simple. Watch your child’s eyes light up as they make their own ornament and then hang it on your tree!

swedish heart christmas ornament craft

Swedish Woven Heart Christmas Ornament Craft

I just love this simple yet classic Swedish woven heart Christmas ornament! It looks easy and fun for even young children!

christmas star wooden ornaments

Painted Wooden Christmas Star Ornament

These adorable painted wooden Christmas star ornaments look elegant but are so easy to make! You can use artificial or real cedar tree sprigs to add such a naturally festive touch.

These wooden star shapes  would work well for this project. This craft would probably be best for older children.

painted glass christmas ornaments

Painted Glass Christmas Ornaments

Talk about a simple and easy craft that with endless color options! Just pour the acrylic paint into the clear glass Christmas ornaments and rotate to coat the inside. Perfect for kids of all ages, but be careful with the delicate glass balls!

christmas tree craft

Kids’ Craft Mini Christmas Trees

This fun and simple Christmas tree craft can be made with cardboard or foam, and then decorated with buttons, beads or other loose parts like these!  So easy and festive!

rudolph pudding cups craft

Rudolph Pudding Cup Craft

What is better than a craft that is fun to make and look at? Why, a craft that is also edible, of course! Kids will love turning a plain pudding cup into a happy reindeer!

snowball peppermint playdough

Snowball Peppermint Playdough

Make this peppermint-scented holiday playdough with just a few simple ingredients. Also includes free printable gift tags!

pvc snowman ornament

PVC Snowman Ornament

This cute snowman ornament looks so easy to make! Just glue the pieces together and add decorations and you have a wonderful ornament to add to your Christmas tree!

candy cane pipe cleaner garland

Candy Cane Pipe Cleaner Garland

This is so fun and easy! Little hands just love the twisting motions involved with making their very own garland for your tree!

miniature nativity people craft

Miniature Nativity People Craft

This is a truly cute kids’ Christmas craft idea that younger children could do with supervision.

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pouch cap christmas wreath craft

Pouch Cap Christmas Wreath Craft

This may truly be the easiest kids’ Christmas craft ever!  Your toddler will be so thrilled to see the finished project!

egg carton christmas bell ornament

Egg Carton Christmas Bell Ornament Craft

Another super cute kids’ craft Christmas ornament that includes the fun of jingle bells!

paper plate angel craft

Paper Plate Angel Craft

Another simple yet fun paper plate Christmas craft! Perfect for little hands with short attention spans! 🙂

reindeer candy cane craft

Reindeer Candy Cane Craft

This is a very fun yet easy Christmas craft for kids. This was always a favorite with my kids.

graham bear christmas sled craft

Milky Way Teddy Sleds Craft

This is another edible craft that takes the cake in terms of cuteness! The only hurdle may be actually getting these made without kids eating up all the ingredients!

kids' diy snow globe

Snow Globe Christmas Craft

What a simple yet fun craft that children will absolutely love! This DIY snow globe is totally customizable in terms of the figurines you use.  These Christmas figurines and these cute Christmas trees would look awesome in these glass jars!

graham cracker candy nativity scene craft

Graham Cracker Nativity Scene Craft

I saved one of the very cutest crafts for last!  I previously shared my personal favorite Super Easy No-Bake Gingerbread Houses which are perfect for somewhat older kids. But for little kids, this easy nativity scene craft made with graham crackers and candy would be absolutely perfect!

More Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these easy Christmas crafts for kids as much as I have!  Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these.  Happy Christmas crafting!

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Easy No-Bake Gingerbread Houses

handmade wooden nativity set

Make these easy handmade cinnamon ornaments with your kids this Christmas!

This snowball peppermint playdough recipe is perfect for a snowy day or gift-giving!

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Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

18 easy christmas crafts for kids

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  1. These are all wonderful craft suggestions for kids! Your post brings back memories of making Christmas crafts with my kids when they were small. They are all grown with kids of their own now.

  2. These are all wonderful craft suggestions for kids! Your post brings back memories of making Christmas crafts with my kids when they were small. They are all grown with kids of their own now.


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