Thanksgiving Potluck List Printable Sign-Up Sheet (Free)

Use this free Thanksgiving potluck list printable sheet for your next Thanksgiving get-together.

Keeping track of what food items everyone is bringing to a Thanksgiving lunch or supper can be a real chore.

When you use a potluck signup sheet, people can choose what item they commit to bring. That way, you will know who is planning to bring main dishes like turkey or ham, and who is providing side dishes like mashed potatoes and stuffing.

And don’t forget dessert like pumpkin pie and pumpkin bars!

After all, having enough desserts to feed a crowd is important for successful potluck parties!

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Thanksgiving Potluck List Printable Sign-Up Sheet

Free Thanksgiving Potluck Sign Up Printable Sheet

Growing up, my family attended a lot of church dinner potlucks. These were always a great way for church members to get together and share fellowship around a meal.

I’m not sure how this always happened, but the great thing about church potlucks is that it seemed like there was always enough food to go around—and not a lot of duplicate dishes.

Some people brought a main course to the potluck meal while others contributed side dishes and desserts. (And there was always a lot of sharing of favorite dish food recipes back in the days of handwritten recipe cards.)

Church potlucks work well when there are lots of people bringing lots of food.

However, coordinating details for the perfect potluck during the holiday season can be more complicated.

Holiday parties for Thanksgiving potlucks or a Christmas party can be a little trickier to coordinate.

Having a potluck sign up sheet is the perfect way to make sure you have enough food for your Thanksgiving meal.

Whether you’re planning a big potluck event with lots of people, or a cozier meal for a small group, this printable potluck list should work well for you.

thanksgiving potluck printable sign up sheet

How to Use This Printable

This holiday potluck printable is designed to be easy to use.

If you’re using it for an office potluck Thanksgiving party, simply print it off and hang it up in a central location like a breakroom. Then people can write down their names and what they plan to bring to the shared meal.

You can choose whether or not to include contact information on the sign-up form such as each participant’s phone number or email address.

In addition to an office setting, this list would also be useful for neighborhood or class parties where everyone gets together for a Thanksgiving potluck dinner.

Although I haven’t actually tried this, you could also upload this PDF file to Google Docs and then edit it from there as a fillable form.

By sharing the link for the editable Google sheet, participants can view relevant details of the document and guest list online, then sign up with their contribution.

You can also use this free printable Thanksgiving potluck list for a family get-together. You could either upload it to Google Docs, or one person could fill in the list for the whole family based on what each family member is planning to bring.

thanksgiving pumpkin pie

Having one person coordinate the potluck sheet can be a great idea. Otherwise, things could get a little confusing and you could end up with too few or too many of the same food items at your potluck supper!

Some people have special dietary needs such as food allergies or dietary restrictions. This list could also be used to track the different types of food being brought. Plans could then be made for allergy-friendly foods for those who are sensitive or allergic.

And oh yes—don’t forget the Thanksgiving party decorations!

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Download the Thanksgiving Potluck List Printable

Maybe you’re already inviting guests and planning your Thanksgiving potluck weeks ahead of time. Or perhaps you’re only doing so at the last minute.

Either way, this free download printable is perfect to use for your next potluck party!

Please note that this potluck printable is for personal use only. Please do not sell or distribute this printable for any other use.

Go here to download the free thanksgiving potluck list printable. This is a digital file in PDF file format.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving potluck and that this list is helpful to you in coordinating your potluck signups.

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