Rustic Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments DIY Tutorial

Wood slice Christmas ornaments are a rustic touch for your tree or to add to a gift! They’re easy to make with a simple wood burning tool.

wood slice christmas ornaments

Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

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If you love the look of wood and twine, you’ll love these simply beautiful handmade wood slice Christmas ornaments!

It literally only takes a few minutes to make one of these, if you stick with a simple design.

I ordered a set of pre-cut wood slices that came with twine for hanging. This made it so easy to just take a wood slice out of the box and start creating.

You can also make your own wood slices from a branch, but we decided to take the simple route. You’ll see just how easy these are to make!

wood slice christmas ornaments diy

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

I’ve always been drawn to handmade Christmas ornaments. For many years my children and I have made some sort of ornament together.

Sometimes it was painting simple wooden shapes, or sewing felt by hand. Several times it was homemade cinnamon ornaments.

Regardless of the materials used, handmade Christmas ornaments always seem the most special to me!

I love getting out the box of Christmas ornaments and remembering the happy hours spent creating them with my children.

Handmade Christmas ornaments won’t be perfect, and that’s part of their charm!

After I made my first batch of these ornaments, I made some with my children, and we had so much fun with them!

My kids are older (my youngest is 10), so I probably wouldn’t do this project with very young children, as the tool does get very hot.

wood slice christmas ornaments

Supplies You’ll Need

You don’t need many supplies to make these easy wood slice Christmas ornaments. Here are the things you’ll need:

tools to make wood burned ornaments

How to Make Wood Burned Christmas Ornaments

Do exercise caution when using the wood burning tool, especially if children are around. The tool gets very hot and can cause burns if not careful.

Making these rustic wood slice ornaments is a simple process. Especially if you choose a simple design!

I decided to use a basic snowflake design, which I drew on by hand. The reason I chose snowflakes is because they only contain straight lines.

snowflake wood slice christmas ornament

It’s easier to do straight lines with the wood burning tool. Curved lines are more complicated than straight.

Here are the steps I followed to make my ornaments.

wood slice ornaments

1. First, I used a pencil to draw on the design. I just made a simple snowflake with straight lines, which made it easier. And I also made a couple of trees.

wood slice christmas ornaments

2. Then, after the wood burning tool was heated up, I traced the pencil lines with the tool, which burns and etches the design into the wood. You’ll have to try different techniques to figure out how to get the look you want.

I made a design on both sides of my ornament as I was trying to get the hang of it.

3. After you have the design the way you want it, cut a piece of twine or ribbon to use as a hanger. Thread the twine through the hole, and tie.

natural wood christmas ornaments

That’s all there is to it! Now your ornament is ready to hang or give as a gift.

etched wood slice christmas ornament

wood slice christmas ornaments

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make these wood slice Christmas ornaments! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Supplies Needed for This Project

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Rustic Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

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  1. These are wonderful. I did wood burning years ago, and I’ve always loved the look. I’ve featured this post at the Thursday Favorite Things party. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve had a wood-burning tool for years that I’ve never used. Your rustic wood slice ornaments are lovely! Seeing these makes me want to finally give that tool a try. Pinned

  3. My boys and I try to make some sort of ornament together each year too and the really enjoy wood burning (my youngest is 12). I have some of these wooden slice ornaments too; we’re going to have to try these. Pinned.

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