Homeschool Curriculum Plan for 2021-2022

It’s that time of year again! Time to share our homeschool curriculum plan for the 2021-2022 school year! I don’t write about homeschooling very regularly these days, but I wanted to continue the yearly tradition of sharing our homeschool curriculum plan at the start of the school year.

This year will be our 19th year of homeschooling. I can’t believe we’re so close to 20 years of home education! The years truly have flown by so quickly.

Our oldest two children have graduated from our homeschool (having homeschooled the whole way through), and we have our third senior this year.

Every year gets a bit more emotional for me with all the changes, and all the children growing up. Last year was our last experience with the elementary grades. This year we have two in high school and one in junior high. We have a senior, a tenth grader, and a sixth grader.

Homeschool Curriculum Plans

Our homeschool curriculum doesn’t look much different than it did last year, as we’re continuing on with many of the same things this year.

I’ll walk through our choices below, but first, let’s talk about homeschool curriculum planning.

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My Homeschool Lesson Planner

For quite a few years I’ve been using an Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner for my homeschool planning.

I’ve written about how we use these for homeschool here (I usually make a few modifications to mine).

These planners are so beautiful, and I love using them!

(If you create an account with Erin Condren here, you can get a $10 off coupon to use on your first order.)

This year, however, I went with something a lot simpler. This is the simple planner I chose for this year. It has just the basics for planning each week’s lessons.

There’s not much room to record our homeschool curriculum plan or memories or anything else (which is what I loved about the Erin Condren planners). But I think it will work well for weekly lessons, as I do minimal planning anyway.

Charlotte Mason Classical Homeschool Curriculum

Our Homeschool Curriculum Plan for 2021-2022

Last year we picked My Father’s World for history and Bible (for both high school and elementary). And it was a great year. One of the best things is that my youngest and I memorized James 1 together. I loved that we spent the school year memorizing Scripture!

homeschool curriculum plan

I have so many happy memories from our school year last year.

We raised butterflies with this kit.

nature study home education

We made several simple recipes together (including making butter with our butter churn—we have this one).

my father's world elementary curriculum

My high schoolers had fun with science biology labs (including dissecting a frog, grasshopper, and a large earthworm!).

Overall, it was a great year.

See last year’s curriculum picks here.

Now let’s talk about what we’re using this year.


This year, we’re continuing with My Father’s World for history and Bible. As I mentioned, we loved it so much last year. Last year we studied early American history, and this year we’ll be continuing U.S. history up through modern times.

My youngest will be using the 1850 to Modern Times guide.

homeschool curriculum

For high school, we’re using the U.S. History 1877 to The Present guide.

homeschool curriculum plan


As with previous years, we’ll supplement our geography studies with Pin It! Maps. This is my favorite geography/map resource!

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This year our U.S. history maps will be especially useful. If you haven’t seen these maps yet, I highly recommend them!

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This year we have a bit of a different plan for math than what we did in previous years. As my children get older, I welcome their input on which curriculum they want to use for each subject. My 10th grade daughter asked to try a different math this year.

This year we’re using CTC Math for high school and Master Books math for my younger son.


We’re still loving the Master Books science curriculum. We’ve used it for several years, and I have only good things to say about them.

master books science books

For high school, we’ll be using Master’s Class Chemistry with the lab.

My youngest will be studying Paleontology with Master Books.

Nature Study

Now that my children are older, we don’t do as much formal nature study, but I still love referring to Exploring Nature with Children. Read my review of it here. It’s such a great help for those beginning nature study.


For high school, we will be using Easy Grammar again (we’ve been using this for many years).

My youngest will be using My Father’s World’s Language Lessons for Today. This will be our fourth year using this program. It works really well for him since we can do most of it orally.


Some writing is included in the High School MFW guide.

My youngest will continue to use the MFW Writing Skills for Today book.

For handwriting, my youngest will be using The Rhythm of Handwriting. This will be our first year with this handwriting program.

My 10th grader is using Spencerian Penmanship (because she enjoys practicing different handwriting styles, and we thought this would be fun).


One of my favorite things about My Father’s World is that the Christian worldview teaching is very strong.

Bible study and Scripture memory are written into the history guides, and I love that.

In addition, I usually supplement with several different things.

I love the cards from Tiny Theologians. I don’t have anyone “tiny” anymore, but their resources also work for older kids as well.

Here’s an example of the front and back of one of the cards.

christian homeschool curriculum

tiny theologians homeschool cards

Book Basket

In addition to the literature books we’ll be reading for history, we’ll also be filling our book basket with more living books the kids will read independently.

The MFW guides include lists of book suggestions for book basket that we’ll be referring to, as well as just using the books already on our shelves.

Foreign Language

We’ll be using Rosetta Stone for Spanish (we’ve been using this for years with all of our kids), and Duolingo for other languages (one of my older daughters is currently learning Italian with this app).


For picture study, we’ll again be using Simply Charlotte Mason’s Picture Study Portfolios. We’ve been using these for years.

charlotte mason art plan

For actual art lessons, we’ll be using these free watercolor art lessons. I love these lessons so much, and I enjoy doing the lessons right along with my kids!

homeschool art curriculum


Hymn study and composer study is also included in the MFW guide (in the “Investigate” guides).


If you’re familiar with Charlotte Mason, you know she recommended that children learn how to do what she called “handicrafts.”

These are some of the skills we’re continuing to work on:

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These are some of the electives our children will be working on:

  • Piano lessons
  • Computer programming
  • Photography
  • Landscaping
  • Logic
  • Archery
  • Ham radio

Starting a New School Year

I hope you enjoyed seeing our homeschool curriculum plan for this school year! We’re planning to start in just a couple of weeks! I still have a few more things to get organized, and then it’s back to homeschool for us!

Are you homeschooling this year? Are you new to homeschooling, or have you homeschooled for years? Let me know if you have any questions about homeschooling!

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