101 Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers

These non-candy Easter egg filler ideas are perfect for kids of all ages. You can use this list to help you create the ultimate fun Easter basket!

girl with Easter basket containing non-candy Easter egg fillers

Non-Candy Easter Egg Filler Ideas

I can still remember the excitement my brother and I had every year over our Easter baskets.

We would wake up on Easter Sunday to find a basket filled with chocolate, small toys, and one year we each got our own personal basket of fresh strawberries! My mom was always so creative at coming up with wonderful Easter ideas for our baskets!

After having my own kids, I looked forward to passing on the Easter morning tradition with them.

But as our kids have gotten older, it’s become a bit more of a challenge to find items appropriate for big kids.

However, coming up with fun Easter egg stuffers is a challenge I love! It’s truly enjoyable finding special fun ideas for gifts with which to bless our kids.

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What Can You Put in Easter Baskets Besides Candy?

When filling our kids’ Easter baskets, I try to avoid focusing too heavily on candy. And when we do add candy, we try to find dye-free or naturally-sweetened treats.

If you’re like me and want to avoid too much candy, you’ll love this list.

I’ve searched around and found these great ideas for filling your kids’ baskets and plastic eggs with things other than sweet treats.

Here are some of the very best non-candy egg and Easter basket ideas that will help you create a basket your kids will love!

Easter and spring toys

Easter Egg Basket Ideas for Younger Children

Below I’ve listed a nice assortment of fun Easter egg filler ideas that don’t include candy. Some of these small items will fit in regular-sized eggs while others will only go in jumbo Easter eggs.

This list of ideas for a young toddler and other little kids also includes non-egg bigger items like art and craft supplies, small toys, books, games, and clothes.

I know your whole family will enjoy watching young kids have so much fun going through their baskets.

As always, it’s a good idea to make sure the items are age-appropriate as small items may pose a choking hazard.

1. Finger puppets


2. Stickers. You could cut these into individual stickers or small strips to fit inside eggs.

3. Bouncy balls

4. Coloring books (this Peter Rabbit coloring book is adorable!)

5. Puzzle pieces. You can open up the puzzle box and put pieces into different eggs.

6. Mini markers

7. Playdough (or make your own!)

8. Beeswax crayons

9. Temporary tattoos

10. Mini bubble wands

11. Watercolor artist set

12. Sketch pad

13. Mini magnifying glass

14. Do-A-Dot markers

15. Do-A-Dot book

16. Fun scissors

17. Mini flashlight

18. Swim shoes

19. Sunglasses

20. Sticky hands

21. Sidewalk chalk

22. Jump rope

23. Sand toys

24. Kinetic sand

25. Silly putty (or try our favorite, Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty)

26. Colored pencils

27. Finger paint

28. Wikki Stix

29. Fun socks

30. Slippers

31. Flip flops

32. Nerf guns

33. Sun hat

34. Bike bell

35. Bath bombs

36. Non-toxic bath crayons

37. Bathtub fingerpaint

38. Body wash

39. Uno game

40. Small Lego sets

41. Wooden puzzles

42. Spring Story

43. An Egg is Quiet

44. A Nest is Noisy

45. My Blue Boat

46. Peter in Blueberry Land

47. Tea set

48. Stuffed animals

49. Toy cars

50. Doll figurines

51. Plush rabbits

52. Wooden hand kite

53. Egg shaker set

54. Hard-boiled wooden eggs

55. Kwik stix

56. Lacing strawberry

57. Stacking cups

58. Dig it Up! Dinosaur Eggs

59. Mini garden

60. Gardening gloves

61. Jack’s Garden

62. Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt

63. A Seed is Sleepy

64. Nature journal

65. Pocket microscope

66. Bunny lovey blanket

67. Farm babies TOOB

68. Holztiger wooden animals

69. Color and shape matching eggs

70. Wooden balls

Easter basket for teen girls

Easter Basket Ideas for Older Kids & Teens

Do your teenagers still get an Easter basket? Ours do, and it’s one of their favorite things of the year!

Don’t leave your teenagers out of the fun. Try some of these creative Easter basket ideas for teens and older kids.

71. Cute washi tape

72. Gel pens

73. Inspirational coloring book (we love this one)

74. Journal notebook

75. Amazon gift card

76. Lip balm

77. Nail polish

78. Hair scrunchies

79. Beanie

80. Cute flip flops

Easter basket for teen boys

81. Water bottle

82. Phone camera lens kit (my son has one of these and uses it often!)

83. Key chain flashlight

84. Portable USB charger

85. Jenga game (our teens love this game!)

86. Special coffee mug

87. Gap gift card

88. USB flash drive

89. Felt letter board

90. Bath bomb gift set

91. Beginner knitting kit

92. Sugar scrub (or make your own with this recipe)

93. Write the Word journal (We love these!)

94. Ear buds

95. Multi-tool pen

96. Prismacolor colored pencils

97. Scripture cards (here’s a set that would be great for guys)

98. Compact games

99. Personal alarm

100.Headphone splitter

101. Colorful keychains

Final Thoughts on Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers

I hope this list has given you plenty of ideas for great Easter basket options to try this year!

While it can be a challenge to come up with fun Easter egg fillers that aren’t sugary treats, it can be done.

Giving your children some candy on special occasions may not be a big deal, but to avoid a sugar coma, non-candy options are a great way to go.

Many of these items are sure to be a huge hit with lots of kids. Have fun, and let me know if you have any other favorite non-candy Easter egg fillers!

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  1. What good ideas! I love candy, but filling baskets with candy can easily become too much. Thanks for so many ideas of other great ways to provide Easter treats.

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

  2. Yes, I need this post in my life. We have a huge bag of candy that we keep hidden away with all the halloween, easter, christmas, etc candy. I’m not saying everything in there is “in date,” but it keeps my kids from eating a lot of candy at once. An Easter basket without candy is what we plan for this year! Thanks for sharing.

  3. My boys are all tweens and teens so I found it particularly hard to fill their baskets this year; I finally decided to fill them with things I’d most likely have to buy them anyway like bathing suits, flip flops, new swim goggles, and water bottles.

    1. Great idea! Several years ago we got each child their own colorful beach towel, and they loved it and still use them!

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