The Mom Makeover Challenge Week 4

We’ve made it to Mom Makeover Challenge week 4! This week we’re going to give our wardrobes a complete overhaul and organize the closet.

This is just the challenge I needed to get my closet organized!

Mom Makeover Challenge Week 4

If you’ve been following along in our Mom Makeover Challenge, we’re finally getting to the week I’ve been waiting for!

This week we’re going to be working in the closet, getting our clothes organized and creating a simple wardrobe that works.

My Closet Needs Help

I’ll just be honest and say that my closet is currently a mess, y’all! Here’s what it looks like right now:

Mom Makeover Week 4

I’ve got a high school graduation gown (that blue thing on the left), a vest belonging to my youngest (to remind me that he needs to wear it before he outgrows it!), and a ton of extra hangers here and there.

About a month ago, we were having summery weather, so I put away most of the winter clothes. But then it got cool again, and now I have some lightweight long sleeve tops and jackets back in the closet.

We don’t have a lot of storage space in our house, and the closets are small. Staying on top of organization is a must. Unfortunately, when things get super busy, my closet gets neglected.

This week I’m hoping to go through everything and get it all organized. My main goal is to create outfits and get rid of anything I never wear and things that don’t look good on me.

I’ve done this process recently, first with the KonMari Method (which I did here), and then I did it again here. It seems to be a process that I need to go through about every 4-6 months.

mom makeover challenge week 4

Challenge for This Week

  1. Take everything out of your closet and evaluate each item (trying it on if necessary). If you like the way it looks and it’s comfortable, put it in a pile to keep. If you can’t stand the item (or it doesn’t fit well), put it in a giveaway pile.
  2. Look at the clothes in the “keep” pile, and see if you can make outfits with each item. It’s a bonus if several of the items coordinate, making your wardrobe more versatile.
  3. Clean, dust, and vacuum or sweep the closet, and put everything neatly away. Put the giveaway clothes in a bag or box to take to the thrift store or give to a friend. (If the items are in good shape, you can also sell them.)
  4. Continue working on renewing your mind.
  5. Continue working on getting enough sleep.
  6. Keep exercising regularly!

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  1. It can be hard to keep on top of your closet, but it really is the key to a balanced wardrobe and an easy life! Thank you so much for sharing this post with us at Hearth and Soul.

  2. 🙂 I am excited about this week! Who doesn’t love new outfits. Even if it is from your own closet. I have been slowly working on this since the beginning of the year. I had my youngest son 21 months ago and this January I finally started feeling like my self again. And when you start feeling good about your self again you want to dress the part. It is amazing what you can find in a stack of clothes that you haven’t went through in a year 🙂

    1. Yay! Thanks for joining me, Lindsay! I’ve been going through my closet (update coming at the end of the week), and I’ve been amazed by how many outfits I’ve been able to create with what I already have! Super excited about my newly organized closet! 🙂

    1. I’ve been trying to do mine a little at a time, too. I spent several hours working on it and now it looks so much better!

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